The work of Thomas Couderc are vitalist, they overflow with energy that the format they adopt can hardly contain.
Flirting with the derisory, the miraculous and the poetic spurt precisely from this unbalance between the means and energies deployed and the finality or results hoped for.

Emmanuel Lambion

A dynamic of assembly that meets a logic of DIY, a taste for experimenting characteristic of the artistic work of Thomas Couderc.
The work is not to be deciphered but to be explored. Imagination must bounce, always remain in movement.

Luc Jeand’heur

Thomas confronts in his latest works archaic forms and uses with technological tools with endless possibilities opening onto a world cleared of contingencies.
Drones and 3D printers against brutal assembly and familiar materiality. A world of promise against a world of survival.

Anita Molinero

Despite having something of Dumb & Dumber, their approach still managers to ask crucial artistic and philosophical questions, in particular that of the art gallery and its system, the market and the pubic or how to live one’s life as an artist and, finally, one’s life per se

Céline Ghisleri

It is a video about escape and urgency. It is cinematographic in its state of sensory insur-rection. The video of Thomas Couderc is physical. It is as the verge of an experience of exhaustion.
To film is to be embarked, overwhelmed and summon thunder.

Frédéric Valabrègue